Alternative is a place for private family websites. Yesterday they announced that they will be shutting down in September of this year. Gone. Kaput. I used back in the early 2000s with my (rather large) family. In 2007 we started using Spokt is a great alternative to the site has a clean look and lets us share photos, news, and video privately.

I found it interesting that is simply pulling the plug on the service and not selling off it's interests in the business. I wonder if they feel that they can't sell the information to another company due to the private nature of the family websites... or if the data and subscription base of users isn't even valuable enough to sell. I guess it might not be either of these explanations but I'd be interested in learning more.

Check out if you've been using and want to continue to use something similar.


While camping I experimented with a technique that is new to me. It is basically shooting a panorama with the intent to produce a narrow depth of field in a wide shot. It's also called the Brenizer method.

The first shot of the hummer is the equivalent 36mm f/0.85. The second is 43mm f/1.

The next three: 51mm f/1.2, I didn't calculate the 4th one, and 41mm f/1.